Allow me to introduce myself

My name is Sheri and together with my Husband Alex we have four beautiful children;
 Bethany 13, Lilly 9 and Twins Owen & Florence 4.
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Owen and Florence were born prematurely at only 28weeks, 12 whole weeks early. 
The Twins were born in July 2012 infact the same evening of the London Olympic opening ceremony. They are my Olympic babies.

First day home together

Both each had their own battles to over come during their stays in NICU and SCBU, but it is fair to say despite Florence still overcoming a few typical complications of a premature birth.
Owen  has a fair few more to contend with.
While in NICU Owen was diaginosed with Chronic Lung Disease and fought many battles each second, minute hour of the day. Torwards the end of his stay after a rountine head scan Owen was diagnosed with PVL, this later led to a quad spastic Cerebral Palsy therefore effecting all four limbs, he can not sit, crawl or walk. Over the last four years his list has lengthen to Cortical Visual Impairment CVI, Dysphagia (unsafe swallow) So he has a Gastrostomy (feeding tube into his stomach) to name a few.
There is alot of  retrospect blog posts regarding each of these so have a look.
Florence like her name meaning is “Flourishing” 
her middle name Ella means “light ” Florence has been and continues to be my little ray of light in some dark times. 
Owen like his name meaning “Little Warrior” and middle name Harvey meaning “Battle Worthy” has fought his way through many a battles and continues to fight.
 This inspried me to name my first blog a few years ago “Flourishing Warriors”
Going forward with this new bloging site, Most of my Blog still will be mainly centred around Owen and his journey. It will capture the impact it has on the rest of the family. I don’t want this blog to be all doom and gloom, as my house is hardly ever gloomy… Its mainly Crazy!! I hope to portray some of the “craziness and fun” along with the serious stuff.
As well as docutment Owens Journey, I will be sharing much of my new but ongoing campaign work.  This is something I feel increasingly passionate about. I am finding as Owen gets bigger Owens world is infact getting smaller due to the lack of accessibility. This is not what I want for my son, so i will do anything i can to help change this.
I wouldnt change my sn for the world , but i can try and change the world for my son.
at the momne t i am focusing on chamging places and general inclusive playground and inclusion and accessibility in gemeral.
also I will be using this blog to write my various ramblings so beware of those.
I just really hope you all enjoy reading what I write as much as I enjoy writing it.
please feel free to share and also to get in touch.
Many Thanks
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