Sometimes it is the small things that create big emotions.

Feel anxious and sad today… why? Because we are having the handrails fitted to our new ramp. I mean the ramp was done many months ago and we are grateful for it…. but today with addition of the handrails it just selfishly got to me.

We are nearing the end of our accessible bathroom extension build and adaptions. It has been beyond stressful, long (4 years in the making) but also exciting, it will be such a major relief when it is all finished… so why do I feel this way?

Same feeling crept up on me last week when we test drove our new potential Wheelchair accessible Vehicle. The sensible part of me understands it will give us more freedom and it is what is needed, But I also know it will make life more difficult… we know we wont be able to fit in many shopping centre car parks… parallel parking will be a nightmare because of the lenght of the ramp and just a few other things.

The end of the month we have a Wheelchair services appointment where we are expecting to say goodbye to Owen’s Snappi special needs buggy for a ‘proper wheelchair’ as Lilly calls it so it just all part of the same really.

Owen is 6 and growing up fast therefore his needs will just keep growing too.

I guess in the main part we have got away with living our ‘typical’ family life in a non accessible world, but feel we are on the edge of a reality check to how disgracefully inaccessible the world really is. Thing is I know all this, I campaign for accessibility and equality so why do such small changes seem so unsettling?

Does anyone else find the seemingly small things create the biggest of emotions

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