Superstar Sibling

A bit of a different post, this one is about Owen’s 2nd eldest sister Lilly.

Last Tuesday night Lilly took her Promise to become a full Girl Guide. She was so excited and very confident in doing so Lilly also had a glowing school report. Her school report stated she “Works hard & made good progress”

But what also shone out for me was the teachers report of her “Showing great kindness & care… in particular giving wonderful support to new member of class” Her new friend has cochclear implants and Lilly readily assists her friend without a second thought, just how it should be. She is always on hand to stand up and support all her friends.

I have a half written blog about teaching my children the importance of kindness (I promise I will try and finish it soon) but sometimes it is children who teach you these things and many an adult could learn alot from her.

Lilly is such a Sunny girl but with a FIERCE passion for doing the right thing. I glad her teacher noticed this.

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