End Of Year Reports

20180720_1521504682166889211062430.jpgSo that is it, another school year done and dusted. How can it be?

The end of the school year is rather emotional for many, their little ones moving up from reception to year one, key stage 1 to key stage 2 or that really scary transition from primary school to secondary school.  All I have had experience of, and having four kids with ages spread out from 5 to 15 many a milestone I have still to come again and again.

I still battle with this time of year and as a reminder of what I mean Facebook did that delightful thing of bringing up a past status from “On This Day”


This was when I was 27 weeks pregnant with the twins. I had already been told I probably wouldn’t last my whole twin pregnancy and I would most likely deliver early at the end of September. In my mind this mean’t I had a whole 6 weeks to relax and spend some quality time with my two eldest daughters before the chaos of the twins arrived.  Little did I know this was not to be. The next week during a scan which we all as a family of four went to we found all was not well… I won’t go into it as I have written in depth about it before on here, (link at bottom if you want to read about it)  but it resulted in the Twins being born at 28 weeks.

Fast forward 6 years….

20180715_1541328730416143238659520.jpgOwen has left his beloved Rabbits Class and is moving into Ladybirds. This is his first move at school and although we are anticipating some slight teething problems at the start (Owen does not like change, new places and new faces) I am positive with his new-found confidence he will settle in fine. He has come on so well this year in so many areas, like I said his confidence has gone up and some sensory issues have lessened (although some new ones have appeared) He is communicating much more proactively be it by his facial expressions, vocalisation ( He can say the word “Hi” & “Hello”too) or by his communication switches, this is something we are going to work on over the summer holidays. He is bigger and stronger, His vision has improved (Something a horrid doctor said would not happen, but Owen has proved otherwise) we are excited to see where he takes us next.

20180622_1213227314081973764993179.jpgFlorence started the year worried about school, clinging to my arms at the door with teachers trying to convince her to go in. She started to realise she found things harder than most and this knocked her confidence a little. With support she has made progress and her confidence has gone up.  I now stand at the end of the path and she now skips in with a beaming smile on her face. Florence still has trouble with her communication and this is one of the things that really frustrates her. She will continue to receive support in all the areas she struggles with in year 2 and I hope with her determined nature she will continued to make great progress.

One thing that makes me sad is the emphasis on attendance. Obviously I agree that a childs attendence at school is important but reading on Florence’s report that her attendence has “room for improvement” is sad. As an ex prem she seems to have a lower immune system than that of her older sisters, probably also adding that due to the young age of the class that maybe basic hygiene is not up to scratch, she seems to just pick up any bugs going, most of the time this just manifests itself as a high temperature for 24 hours. Florence also has paediatric appointments to attend so this is something to take into account. Luckily Owens SEN school are far more understanding, I would hate to imagine Owen’s percentage. Unlike florence who when catches something has a high temperature for 24 hours, Owen takes on average up to two weeks to get better. Hence why I am really strict (and sometimes get cross) if someone is or has been ill coming into contact with Owen.

It is hard at times to see others celebrating grand achievements academically, not that I begrudge them doing so I do the same also, But when you know your children are going down a totally different path or maybe more of a bumpy path it does give you a slight pang of sadness I guess that things are not that easy for your child despite how much as a parent you try and help them. But as a proud parent you have to look for and give merits where they are due.

Born early at 28 weeks they had to learn themselves how to breathe, then how to feed “breathe suck swallow”. They are so strong, determined and fought so many battles that they have already achieved miracles and because of that fact no school report can match up to that.



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2 thoughts on “End Of Year Reports

  1. We used to get told that we should try harder to be on time. I really got to me, as I felt it was an achievement that we made it there at all. They really do meed to be more understanding about individual reasons.
    And of course you’re spot on with your conclusion here, that there are so many more things to celebrate and take note of in our children’s lives, than a school report x


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