Paper Memories

Having a clear out and came across a piece of old crumpled paper.

It was my list of names i had on me as I went to the hospital to be monitored for the last time at just 28weeks. As you can see the meanings behind the name is important to me. Also gives you a clue why my blog is called what it is.

Later that afternoon not long after having been told I was going to have to deliver (emerg c-section), I got that bit of paper out and alex and I with the two girls also sitting on the end of the hospital bed set to finalize their names.

I had just been told by the neonatal consultant they would be rushed straight to NICU. I felt so strongly that as I could not be at their immediate side I did not want to send them up to the unit alone and nameless.

So between the four of us, we decided on the twins names. I wrote it on a tiny scrap of paper and made Alex promise that he would make sure everyone in NICU knew their names.

My mum soon after came to take the girls and I was rushed upstairs.

So on 27th July 2012 as everyone else was settling down to watch the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics.
Owen Harvey and Florence Ella were born.

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