Slime Factory

As a family we are always into a craze, be it making loom bands, going out for long walks searching for Pokemon and gyms with the Pokemon Go app or in this week’s case making Slime!!!!!

The girls between them were keen to open up our own Slime Factory after watching more than enough YouTube videos of other people making slime.

It was a very messy task, that Owen also loved being involved with. (Especially the farty noises of the glue bottle and the farty noises of the end result when you squish it between your hands) I could point out that it is a great sensory activity and the end result is also a great activity for occupational therapy.

But the best point was that all four of my children  ( the 4th being 14 is camera shy) were sat around the table, all giggling and making slime together.

*** Just a quick note to say this is not editable, so probably not the best idea if you have someone who is likely to put the slim in their mouth.

Here is our recipe and method incase you want to try and open your own slime.

1 cup of PVA glue

1 tsp of bicarbonate of soda

1 cup of shaving foam (optional extra If you want ‘fluffy slime’)

Food colouring

Contact lens solution (Important point the contact solution must contain boric acid)

You will also need a something to protect your table and your clothes, mixing bowls, spoons or something to mix it with (we used kebab sticks) and Tupperware boxes to keep it in.

  • Firstly pour 1 cup of PVA glue into the bowl.
  • Add 1tsp of bicarbonate of soda & mix
  • Add the food colouring & mix
  • Add shaving foam now if you want & mix

  • Now The magic… Add the contact lens solution a tiny bit at a time. It will start to come together and get ‘stringy’
  • Now get your hands in and knead. If it is really sticky keep adding the contact lens solution until you get the desired texture. (Not to much)

  • Now if you want you can add the glitter and knead in.
  • Now the slime is ready to play with.

Good luck with the mess and just have fun.

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