Bittersweet Memories

Today’s picture on Facebook’s timehop was the above one.

The first picture taken of my family as a family of six. Sweet you think. But each time I see the picture I think about different thing related to it.

Firstly it was the first picture of the Twins we put on Facebook… We waited a while after their premature birth at 28 weeks to even announce they were born. We were so caught up in our own little bubble that letting other people in, wasn’t even on our radar. I wasn’t really a big Facebook user then either. Obviously after they were born we let everyone close know, some were watching the London Olympic Opening Ceremony while waiting by there phones eager for news that the twins were safe, to others, also joining the rest of the country watched the ceremony were in ignorant bliss that dramatic events were unfolding woth us during that Friday night in 2012. It was a complete bombshell that they were going to be born soon, we didn’t know until a couple of hours before hand that they were going to make their unexpected early appearance. It was a complete medical emergency situation.

Like I said before after they were born not much else mattered to us, so we were in a complete bubble. To be fair us, As well as us unintentionally pushing people away, many people decided to run for the hills. So for us this picture was a big step in welcoming our babies to the world and welcoming babies back in.

Now taking the picture itself was no easy task. Both babies were relatively settled at this point Owen on CPAP and Florence was doing well on just nasal prongs. It was rumoured that our little time of Florence and Owen being in the same room was coming to an end. Owen stayed in the intensive care room longer than Florence so they had not been reunited in the same room in our nicked named ‘Skelton Corner’ together for long. But Florence was doing so well she would soon be moving from high dependency to the Nurseries. The Nurses had an idea that would be the first chance and maybe a last chance ‘in a while’ that this photo opportunity would and could happen.

Alot of careful planning from many, many Nurses was involved along with the careful moving of incubators, equipment wires and tubes, it took so long that the lunch break of some the Nurses involved were cut into, but they really didn’t seem to mine and were determined to get this photo.

It is a lovely photo, I especially love the pride in the big sisters, Bethany’s and Lilly’s faces. I, myself have a huge amount of pride for all my four children when I look at this picture.

I also can see the worry, sadness, exhaustion but happiness in mine and Alex’s eyes.

The weeks following this picture, were the toughest weeks we spent in SCBU. Florence continued to flourish in the Nurseries, But for Owen as always, more battles were there to fight. We ended up back in the intensive care room. These were the truly dark days. I often wondered during those days and there after whether when the Nurse said it was the ‘First Chance’ we would have to take the photo and maybe the ‘Last Chance in a while’ we would have to take it, whether the ‘in the while’ was just added for our comfort. Maybe the Nurse wanted to take it, just incase the worse happened and this would be are only family of us as a six?

Certain memories and thoughts always plague me, especially around this time of year when we live through the dates of these certain events that shaped how things became.

But sometimes the best medicine is to simply look back, appreciate and then remember how far things have come.

And of course treasure new memories.

We will be forever thankful to the Nurses for taking this picture. More importantly we are forever thankful for all they did for us to enable us to keep taking photos of our family, All six of us.

Much Love.

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