One Perfect Day

Yesterday we came back from our week away in Perranporth Cornwall. It was great. It was so lovely to get away and just what we needed.

I could blog forever about each and everyday of our holiday, But for now, I just wanted to share our favourite day. Our Perfect Day!!!!

This was a trip to the beach. It wasn’t our first trip to the beach, But our previous trip wasn’t as easy, as fun or relaxing as the one that happened on Thursday. Don’t get me wrong it was good, but not perfect.

Our girls like to explore as do we, but carrying Owen around the beach is back breaking. On the Sunday Alex and myself took turns to carry Owen. We tried to explore to caves and rock pools but Owen was just to heavy. As Owen can’t hold take any of his body weight it is not simply the case of him holding on to you, his legs were too tight to wrap around my hips. His head control is not great. Sometimes he goes so stiff it is like carrying an ironing board. When excited or upset Owen tends arch his back making him near impossible to hold, But we do. Owen is also a bit of a monkey and thinks it is hillarous to try to hang upside down. This is another way to hurt your shoulders and back. We often suffer from ‘Owey Shoulder’ as we call it.

So on our ‘Perfect Day’ we hired a Beach Wheelchair. We called up before we left our cottage to reserve one and picked it up from the car park on the beach.

We used the firefly goto seat for postural support.

With the help of the Beach Wheelchair which we nicknamed ‘Owen’s Monster Truck’ we had the most Perfect Day.

Owen enjoyed exploring the rocks.

Owen enjoyed going fast over the bumpy sand.

Owen explored the cliffs and went under arches.

Owen met the lifeguards.

But most of ALL Owen loved going into the sea. Owen loved the sound of the sound of the waves crashing. He giggled so much.Owen loved watching his Big Sister’s bodyboard, finding their screams of delight hilarious. I loved how I could watch all my children have fun at the same time without worry or without pain.

Most of all I loved this moment… Florence holding on to the chair whilst jumping over the waves. Both laughing and screeching together. This too me was truly perfect = One Perfect Day!

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