#SEND30DayChallenge Day 8 – What’s in your ‘Go Bag’ ?

Day 8 of the #SEND30DayChallenge is “What is in your ‘Go Bag’ ?

A ‘Go Bag’ is like a grown up version of a Baby Changing Bag, filled with the essentials for any trip or errand outside of your house.

This is a list of the contents of Owens ‘Go Bag’

  1. Nappies/Pads
  2. Wipes
  3. Spare clothes
  4. Spare bandana bibs
  5. Spare/Emergency Mic-key button
  6. Extra extension set, syringes
  7. Ear defenders
  8. Paperwork including proof of disability and campaigning leaflets
  9. Iron man or Spider man action figure – this is his ‘comfort toy’ which he loves to hold, press the button and hear the noises ****
  10. ‘Emergency’ Maraca – Second comfort toy (When the action figure fails) Owen loves to hold something in his hand and sometimes chew. This is perfect as he loves the sound also.

We also have to take other bags and for a day out lots of other bags and equipment.

Mainly alongside Owen’s Go Bag we take his abbotts rucksack with his feeding pump in. Plus all the items needed to go with this including; Owens feeding pump, milk, water for flushes and incase of needing an emergency button change, extra milk syringes, medicines, spare extenstions and giving sets and the pump charger.

****We have been questioned by a professional whether the spider man (this case iron man) is a suitable toy for Owen. Shouldn’t we just stick to something special needs and not force a mainstream toy on him. Owen has lots of toys both mainstream and special needs and for whatever reason Owen has chose this toy as his comfort. He also loves to watch the spider man and avengers cartoons on a Saturday morning… so there 😛 Sorry for going off topic.

It would be interested to see what is in everybody else’s ‘Go Bag’

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