Day.5 #SEND30DayChallenge – Favourite Photo

If you know me well enough to have visited my house and seen the many framed pictures I have neatly display all around our home, or know me less so, but follow me on social media, you will know just how much I love photographs.  I love both taking photos and looking back at them.

So a little like yesterdays challenge of choosing my ‘Proudest Moment’ I was once again stuck, this time on choosing my favourite photograph. A little like yesterday I chose a recent one.


wp-1499536734866.Firstly it is a very cute, heart melting photograph.

Owen was enjoying some assisted standing time, when Florence came over and with a little encouragement this cute little episode happened.

Heart warming enough,  the main photo also got to me on another level. After I had posted it on instagram with some added filters I revisited it a day later.

“A photograph doesn’t just record the event…  these brief frozen segments of time can also evoke and convey so many emotions, feelings and memories…”

Letting my emotions run away with me, I looked at the photo with new eyes. Is this how things should have been? Both twins standing hand in hand, moments that shouldn’t be a rarity but just common place without the need of assistance.  A constant worry  and cause of upset is that Owen’s disabilities get in the way of their twin bond, get in the way of how things should be.  In that moment again looking at this photograph, I felt overwhelmingly that this photograph completely summed this up. On a closer look I then notices that between the Owen and Florence was Owens Special Needs Chair. It was like a symbol of his disability always there spoiling a perfect picture.

But NO I will not let my own deep worries bring down this beautiful picture. I will not let Owens disabilities spoil my perfect picture of life. Owen isn’t his disabilities he has them, therefore this picture can no way be spoiled.

It is pure and simple a picture of my Twins sharing a beautiful moment, sharing their unique but not lessen bond. So therefore at this moment in time this is my favourite perfect photograph.










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