Owen’s and Florence’s Favourite Book – We’re Going On A Bear Hunt

Day. 3 of the #SEND30DayChallenge – Child’s Favourite Book

It just had to be “We’re Going On A Bear Hunt”

It has been their favourite since they were small, It’s the first book they both really had some sort of engagement with.20170706_163911

At their Early Years Specialized Development Centre (EYSDC) formerly known as opportunity Class,  Christine would read this with props for each page, foam for snow, a fan for wind etc and Owen was in charge of pressing the related switch buttons with pre recorded sound effects relating to each page. It’s no wonder it became a favourite.

20170706_163808_001We have a well stocked home when it comes to books. this is a small selection in the living room that I rotate from the many book shelves upstairs.


Recently Florence chose a book from the shelf to read at bedtime all about potty training. She purely did this because she knew it would have the words POO and WEE in it. Both Owen and Florence squealed with delight every time POO, WEE or TOILET was mentioned. Owen currently finds anything that makes rude sounds hilarious ie the ketchup bottle.



I read somebody elses day 3  blog challenge and their kid also shared a love of toilet related children’s stories and gave a few suggestions of their favourites. I think they may appear on the Twins 5th Birthday List.

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