Meaning Behind Blog Name – #SEND30DayChallenge

Today is day 1 of the Mum On A Missions SPECIAL NEEDS BLOGGERS 30 DAY CHALLENGE

PLease feel free to join in using the hash tag #SEND30DayChallenge


So DAY 1.  Meaning behind blog name

The blog started out as a closed group on Facebook, then a blog on Blogspot, both just documented the progress of my premature twins Florence and Owen. I then started a page which expanded to more information, awareness and campaigning as well as documenting progress. More recently I started this new blog on WordPress.

So why the name Flourishing Warriors?

Simply really my Twins are called Florence and Owen.

Florence = Flourishing

Owen = Warrior

I believe my ex prem 28 weekers are both a pair of fighters, they are warriors and they continue to flourish each and every day.

This blog is all about flourishing and fighting.


Look out for tomorrows challenge is a lot more tricky




4 thoughts on “Meaning Behind Blog Name – #SEND30DayChallenge

  1. Wow, this is a fab blog name. Did you choose your children’s names after you found out you’d be delivering early or did you pick them before you knew about this? I ask because the names are so suitable to preemies. I am a former preemie and I know my parents picked my name after I was born, because they hadn’t decided on a name yet when I was born. The name tag on my bedside for a day or so said “Baby van Woerkom” (Van Woerkom being my last name). The story goes my father was so annoyed by this that he pretty much decided on a name on his own.


    • We chose their names long before they were born. We had a list (I had a list, my Husband would just tell me if if a name couldn’t make the list) Owen was in the top 3 boys names Florence was in the top 3 girls names. When we found out the sex via scan my husband turned to me and said ‘That’s Owen and Florence… O & Flo’ and that was that we had decided, But kept it secret till theu were born. The name meanings were thought of nice when we choose them (I would always check to make sure they didn’t have a horrible meaning) But we didn’t realise how much their chosen names would ‘mean’ till after they were born.

      The Twins middle names were decided on the day of their birth, pretty much as I was waiting to go down to have my emergency C-Section. Again we had a list, but this time we had a list of meanings.
      Owen’s Middle name is Harvey
      Harvey – Battleworthy
      Florence’s Middle name is Ella
      Ella – Light

      Again not fully prepared for how well suited their names would be… BUT for exactly the same reasons as your Dad, I could not stand knowing they were in NICU nameless. They had been called Baby A and Baby B all during my pregnancy and I felt they deserved more. I wanted them from the first moment they were born to be called their names, so I made my Husband carry a piece of paper with their names on to give to the staff of NICU.
      I felt so much better that they were name.

      Thanks for the comment and for reading.

      Laughing that my reply is longer than the blog.


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