A Grand Opening


So here is a date for your diary. The 1st July is the date just announced for the ‘Grand Opening’ of Cassiobury Parks brand new Hub building and Paddling Pools


The new Paddling Pools are designed to be inclusive for everyone.

The Hub includes Changing Rooms, a Community and Exhibition Room and house “Daisy’s Park Cafe”  and not forgetting Changing Places toilet facilities.

Flashback to a time when the Changing Place was in question.


I am so glad Watford Borough Council can see just how essential a Changing Place is.  Just yesterday our family enjoyed a day at Cassiobury. Unfortunately Owen needed his nappy changed. Fortunately this was towards the end of the day. Deciding against changing him on the grass in full view of everyone or going home, we left. I am so happy that next time we won’t have to make that decision.

In regards to the Playground. I received some great news last week. Below is an extract from an email I recieved.

This is fantastic.

Another flashback to a couple of blog posts of mine detailing how they have ripped out accessible equipment and replaced with non accessible equipment.

Let Owen Play!!!! (part 1)

Let Owen Play!!! (Part 2 )

Yesterday this is all Owen could play on.


Unfortunately there was not enough money in the budget for a Wheelchair swing. But I have been reassured that if funds became available either through them or through someone fundraising this idea would be revisited.

I am so glad that Watford Borough Council really took on board all my thoughts and ideas and ran with them too make sure Cassiobury Park is as fully Inclusive as possible.

It would have been such a shame not to be able to go somewhere that had so many childhood memories for myself and then in turn memories of my own children playing and having so much fun.

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