Just a carer

Even though that Owen is now at full time school, being a Special Needs Parent is a full time job. Even on days like today when I have no place to go and no appointments to attend I am still busy doing stuff ‘Owen related’.

After spending the morning in Florence’s class I had to come home to keep an eye on my poorly dog Fergie. (I think she is on the mend after her visit to the vets and starting her medicine) I decided to get on with sorting all the paper work that comes along with having a child with additional needs. I sorted into three piles 1. Crap to throw 2. Crap to file and 3. Crap to chase. I then proceeded to chase up all the forms, emails etc from pile 3.

Despite how busy I am I still at times think about going back to work. Today I looked for work without success. I even searched for voluntary roles, but surprisingly this was also difficult. The taboo of being a stay at home mum grinds on me. Comments of ‘I bet you don’t know what to do with yourself’ really don’t help. I feel all the ‘behind the scenes’ work that goes into being a carer counts for nothing. 

I know it is still only early days and I have time to find another role other than that of being just a stay at home mum and carer with no one to care for. I also know I am probably putting to much pressure myself. I just rather be busy mentally and physically than bored. 

For the moment I will continue as I am and also carry on with all of my campaigning work. 

For now I will try and hold my head high and not knock myself for being ‘…. just a carer’

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