Something Special to Celebrate


17523101_10210849018614810_505596647534810844_nA while ago I booked tickets for myself and Alex to take the Twins to see the Justin’s Party.  Unless you have been living under a rock or don’t have to watch the likes of Cbeebies you must know who Justin Fletcher aka Mr Tumble is.  Owen loves Mr Tumble.  The programme Something Special is the first person that caught Owens eye and he actually spent the time watching.  Still to this day it is one of a handful of TV programmes he works heard to watch, which is hard work for him due to his Visual impairment. Owen also has lots of Mr Tumble toys that never fail to make him giggle.

At the time of booking I was uncertain whether to do so due to Owens Sensory difficulties. I was not sure if  Owen would be able to cope or enjoy it at all.  Owen dislikes Crowds, Loud sudden noises, Unexpected events and big indoor spaces such as halls or shopping centres. Despite this I bit the bullet and booked 3 seats and a wheelchair space making sure that Owens space was near an exit.

As the date grew closer I grew more worried.  A recent Hospital visit played over and over in my mind.  It was an appointment where a Consultant (whom we have only met twice before) Accused us both of seeing achievements that she said were not there.  This Consultant spent the end of our appointment casting me as a Mother who had false Hope. This doctors words spun around in my head. Was I kidding myself that this was something Owen could manage? Was I so hell-bent focused on making sure Owen had equal opportunities I was actually ignoring his capabilities?  No!!! It was the Consultant who was wrong on that day. I had to give it a chance.  As much as I respect Doctors I knew that Doctors have been wrong before. From a baby who wasn’t suppose to live, to being told he would not meet reach any milestones not even smile,  From time to time Owen just loved to prove them all wrong. We knew we were right to celebrate each and every Milestones and Inchstones that happened along the way. They may not be your typical Milestones but that does not take away the greatness of them.

Pushing past your comfort zone (Mine and Owens in this case) is the key to success.

In the end you only regret the chances you didn’t take.

We took a twist on the well-known saying from Benjamin Franklin

Failing to Prepare you are Preparing to Fail

and instead

Prepared to Fail

We prepared for a failed experience both Mentally – ” It was worth a try, Do not feel bad if things don’t happen how you hoped”

and Physically prepared – We sat near quick exits, Ear defenders were put on before entering, We had a bag of distractions and even brought a light up Windmill in the foyer.  We took our seats, not too early but just enough time for Owen to get used to a new environment we were ready and prepared as we could be.17904345_10210849017054771_8424041717760400682_n

The Show started with a bang, literally. Giant party poppers were let off which obviously Owen didn’t like. Alex decided to get him out of his chair and Owen sat on Alex’s lap quite happily for the most of the first half. Owen started to get a little anxious 10 minutes before the interval so Alex put him back in his chair and took him out to the bar area while me and Florence carried on watching the show. This also was a bonus in the fact that Alex managed to get a table and drinks were all at the ready by the time me and Florence came out.  Lets not forget Florence here, it was not too long ago that she would not have coped in this type of environment either due to some sensory issues she had ( and still has in some ways) Florence spent the entirely show taking it all in and joining in on all the actions.

The second half of the show we “Swapped Twins”. Owen again took a while to settle at the beginning of the show but enjoyed sitting on my lap. 17759671_10210849015574734_5107811037027676416_nDuring the second half there was much more songs. Owen really enjoyed dancing to the music and loved all the lights including a big disco ball that went with the music. Owen was super excited when a surprise guest came onto the stage MR Tumble!!!! 17904132_10210849014614710_7521273988790788803_nOwen was grinning from ear to ear when he sang the famous theme tune. Owen coped well at the end with another lot of party poppers going off during the finale. We waited for the lights to go on and the crowd of people to depart before we made our exit. Anyway Florence was making it her job to pick up every last streamer she could find.

So all in all the day was deemed a success and of course another milestone to celebrate!!! 


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