Why do people think Children with Special Needs are fair game?

This week you may have seen Katie Price again having to address the issue of people trolling her disabled son Harvey. Katie has set up a petition to make this disgusting act have much harder penalties which you will find a link for further down the page.

Katie Price has also said thiswp-1490949288058.png





THIS MAKES ME SO ANGRY! ūüė° This is so important please all sign the petition https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/190627


I do wonder how many people reading this blog, looked at the above picture and had a little smirk.  If you did, have a real think at to what you are laughing at.

This is just one of many of the pictures that someone has taken the time in making purely to mock a child with disabilities.


I have seen to many sick groups on Facebook set up to mock people with special needs. I have seen disgusting, vile comments which are highly offensive.

it is good to see some more press attention addressing this issue

It’s not just about trolls online. I think everyone should look at themselves and to check to see if they use ‘throw away’ comments or ¬†check the¬†words they choose to use ¬†and how they use them as they could be deemed as offensive. (‘Retard’ ‘Cripple’ ‘Special’)

A while back I was upset to see a video on Facebook someone made (a friend of a friend ) concerning Katie Prices son, I was even more upset that many people on and even some on my friends list thought this was the most hilarious thing ever. It got loads of likes, shares and comments.

I really want o know why people think people,with disabilities, especially children are fair game?

I myself has been trolled on twitter, which was incredibly upsetting.  I literally had to send the whole evening deleting and blocking. I reported it to twitter but again did nothing.



I hope you will agree that this is very upsetting to read.

I also hope you think hard about what you may find funny and the language you use.

Please sign the above petition

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