How Things Can Change

How things can change.

Last week a ‘On This Day’ post popped up on my Facebook Timeline. It was this one from exactly a year ago.


This post was most definitely the start of something for me.  As many of you are aware this year I have become something I never envisioned I would become…  A Campaigner!!! A campaigner in fact mainly about a subject I have never previously thought about. I am a Toilet Campaigner. Not just any old toilets, Changing Places Toilets.  I do ‘branch out’ from time to time, and also see myself as a Campaigner of Disability Rights, Accessibility and Inclusion. I have to admit though, most of my time is wrapped up campaigning Changing Places Toilets.

What are Changing Place Toilets?


Fast forward a year and this is the post I would like to share.16730638_10210373059036118_7234539975462430806_n

I was so pleased to share on my Facebook page earlier this week after confirmation that a


Work in Progress – The new Hub Building

Changing Place will definitely be installed. This will be housed in the new Hub building by the new fully accessible splash park.


Look how great Watford Councils description sounds of the Splash Park.


From Watford Borough Council





Work in Progress – The new Splash Park

I do applaud Watford borough Council in all the work they have done.
All is still not complete for me. I still am very keen to make sure there are as many Play possibilities as possible. I believe ALL parks should be ‘Inclusive’. ALL parks should have at least one piece of Wheelchair  Accessible Play Equipment. 00ae3-13709783_790503757753370_5350472320533902171_n

Read the below for my previous posts regarding this.

Let Owen Play!!!! (part 1)

Let Owen Play!!! (Part 2 )

Inclusive Playground ( Let Owen Play )

Concerning Cassiobury Park, Watford Council are saying they will look into Wheelchair Inclusive Play equipment at the start of the new financial year.

16681749_10210372724147746_7483984388105075141_nSo I guess for now on that matter… Watch This Space.

Local press coverage below







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