Star of The Week


Today Lilly received the award of class ‘Star of The Week’ for “Being a positive member of 4A and always giving 100% in all areas of learning”  I am glad her positive spirit and determined nature won some recognition.  Lilly is such a Ray of Sunshine, Caring and Kind natured girl.

This morning while watching TV, Lilly saw an event we all would enjoy going to. She suggested we could go for my birthday next month and insisted we look it up on my phone to make sure it still would be on by then. While scrolling down through all the information, Lilly stopped and squealed with delight “Yes!!! It says it’s ‘Wheelchair Accessible’…. Now we ALL can go!!!” A pang of guilt hit me, it can be some what hurtful to know she understands that unless a place is ‘accessible’ We all can’t go.

14671173_842593125877766_3699095947070132945_nAlex and I at times take out the kids separately just so they don’t totally miss out, or we both go and one of us stands on the sidelines with Owen, not fully taking part or at other times we simply just don’t go at all.

Lilly doesn’t understand why the world just won’t let Owen join in. Lilly once said to me that “Just because Owen is in a chair.. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to have fun”  I can’t really explain it to her why the world is like it is as I do not understand it either. I do not accept the answer “It’s just how it is” and I really don’t want Lilly to believe that either.



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