Our Trip to the Eden Project – August 2016

I just want to share our experiences of our fantastic day out at the Eden Project  during our Family Holiday to Cornwall last week.

It was a very wet Tuesday morning and the radio presenter on the local radio station confirmed what we saw out the window. When Cornwall says it’s raining it means it is really raining.

The first thing we did was drive over to the nearest town centre St Austell to pick up some extra waterproof rain jackets and extra umbrellas.

Then we travelled to the Eden Project.
We had pre booked the tickets so was all ready the roll.
It was just after lunchtime so all the disabled parking was full up. That wasn’t such a problem as there is a fully accessible shuttle bus service that shuttles everyone from various car parking stops to the main attraction.

As soon as we were at the main entrance we were pretty much greeted with the visitor toilets including a great #ChangingPlaces facilities. Which we were happy to use through out our trip.

We sat and had Cornish Cream Teas then went off exploring.

The whole place seems to be completely disabled friendly. All the easy access routes clearly sign posted. In the Biomes we found signs to easiest, quicker routes which were great, especially when we all got a little too hot.
Outside there were lifts to save you going down the steepest on routes also. Everything was great.

We all particularly loved the summer exhibition ‘Dinosaur Uprising’.
We watched and petted a ‘real dinosaur’ Owen loved this and chuckled and giggled away. Owen loved getting a turn to pet the dinosaur.
Florence who was a little scared of the dinosaurs watched from a far.. till she gained courage to stand next to Lilly and wait for her turn to stroke the dinosaurs.  Unfortunately as the dinosaurs turned it’s large tail hit her across the face causing her to run off and lose her place’
(She wasn’t hurt btw just shocked that a dinosaur got her)

Inside the Dinosaurs Uprising exhibition was brilliant. There were prehistoric scenes with moving and roaring dinosaurs. Owen eyes couldn’t open any wider, he let out squeals of delight and the loud Roars.  Owen just simply loved them.

Having a big diverse family made up of a teenager, a soon to be tweenager and 4 year old Twins one with sensory needs and the other with profound physical and sensory needs, it is hard to find a day out that can suit us all.
But we definitely found this at the Eden Project.

Highly recommended for all.

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