Let Owen Play!!! (Part 2 )

Just a quick post to give you all an update with regards to my last post “Let Owen Play”

After writing my last post “Let Owen Play”  I decided it would be good to share, tweet and email to anybody and everybody I deemed influential, helpful or interested.  I am very happy to report it had a big response from fellow campaigners, local people and organisations. Feedback given was, they all supported the need all for a more Inclusive play park.

The big news is I am feeling rather more positive after being in touch with The Section Head / Parks, Open Spaces and Projects at Watford Council.

I felt he has really took on board what I had to say.  He really looked in detail to all the points I had made. He then came up with a number of suggestions regarding Inclusive Play in Watford.

  • It has been agreed to look at my Local Park and to install a more suitable Swing Seat in place of one of many standard seats. Also to take a look at the Wheelchair Roundabout that I reported was a little slow and hard to push.


  • In the Cassiobury Cha Cha Cha café, they will now make small scale improvements, such as Chimes and Sound Tubes. These small improvements will be all inclusive and can be shared also with a sibling.

These small changes would lend themselves to make this
Garden/Park more of a great little Sensory type Garden.

  • Down at the Main Park by the pools hopefully more dramatic changes will take place. The Main Park is where the Pools are being refurbished and where the Changing Places toilet facilities will be built as part of the new Hub building.

I was told….

      “… There may be an opportunity to refresh the play area
      here and seek funding to expand the offer here. This
      could include a wheelchair swing unit here…”

So all in all I think that was a good first response. I will obviously be keeping a close eye on things to make sure these things happen. I will continue to blog the progress of this and I am ready to fight if things do not happen, but for now I just have to wait and see.

I just want to end by thanking everyone for all their support .

Thank You

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