First Day of School. (September 2016)

After 6 long weeks of fun September seems to have come around very quickly yet again .

Today was all of my squads first day back at school. As the four of them go to three different School’s it is unusual for them to all go back on the same day.
Last night I was feeling the stress of having four lots of uniform and school bags to sort. I had a niggling feeling that I had forgotten something important mixed with a whole load of other emotions.
I hope you like our ‘Back to School’ photos from this morning. Social media is full of them. I love seeing everyone all looking smart in their uniform.
I know others will be sick of them and probably find some memes to illustrate that view.
Last September I didn’t get to take ‘Back to School’ photos.
Florence started Nursery a couple of weeks into the term. Due to Owen being in Great Ormond Street after his Ladds Procedure Operation to correct his Malrotation of the Bowel and complications from his newly fitted Gastrostomony tube I ended up sadly missing Florence’s first day at Nursery. My sense of sadness and guilt weren’t help as she was very anxious going to school, even when I was back there were often tears in the morning. Pre-School was a disaster.
But over Florence’s time at Nursery her confidence began to grow and by the end of the school year she skipped happily into class.
Last September, Owen still hadn’t secured a Nursery/School place at a Special Needs school. He eventually started his fab school the following January.
Deep down I am always going to be a little sad about the fact they have to go to different Schools.
This morning though was eventful. Florence was over tired from her night time antics. But we made it in time to take the obligatory Back to School photos before Owens School bus came and picked him up.
He was particularly smiley as he got on the bus and off he went.
After Owen had left for school that’s when Florence’s nerves kicked in. She kept asking me over and over if I was going in with her. We watched a little of cbeebies then had to go.
Florence held my hand tighter and tighter the nearer we got to school. Typically it was raining for the first day back of term so we were also struggling with umbrellas and I was trying to calm and reassure Florence.
I went in with her and helped her find her peg, led to her classroom and told her it was time for me to go. She seemed ok so I just turned around and walked out.
On my way back from taking Lilly to her class I peeped inside  Florence’s classroom to see her settled at a table doing some sticking. What a relief.
Owen came home on the bus at midday. He was laughing his head of at the bus assistant Mary and was further excited as he got inside. In his book his teacher wrote. ‘ Owen was on top form today…. we can’t believe how much he has grown..’
A little while after I got a call on my mobile. My heart skipped a beat as the girls school flashed up. It was the school office telling me Florence had bumped her head in the school playground and was in first aid with an ice pack. They reassured me she was ok and it was just a courtesy call.
Soon it was home time. Owen was very excited to go and pick up the girls.
Florence came out looking a little dishevelled, one of her plaits was undone and she had a hole in brand new tights and red sauce down her top. Lilly later told me she must of had the pasta for dinner. Which I guess is one way in which I will find out what she has eaten. She was a little teary, obviously very tired and wasn’t really in the mood to talk.
When home she was slightly happier and told me she enjoyed her day at school, she played with her friends and ate all her dinner up.
Lilly also said she had a fantastic first day back at school. But is tired as her classroom is now upstairs.
Bethany came home and said her first day was okay, which for a 13 year old is good.
All in all I think it was a successful first day at school for all.
Now for the rest of the year.

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