Physiotherapy for Owen went well. Has slightly tighter hamstrings than normal much not so much that needs extra intervention (sigh of relief)
Talked lots about Owen’s EHCP & what she is going to write in her report. The physio will detail what she thinks he needs. All sounds really good.

Looking around another SN school Wednesday.

But that’s all the appointments done for this week.
Just got to fill in a mountain of paperwork over the weekend…

Florence starts pre school next week. That’s going to be a tough one.

Educational pscychologist has came & went as part of Owen’s “Education Health & Care Plan” – Think it went well, hard to say??? I tried to let her see the “real” Owen instead of his medical notes, but didn’t help that Owen had wored himself out being grumpy all morning so wasn’t at his best.

Yesterday afternoon was Owen’s Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP ) 2 hour meeting. Was nervous beforehand at the thought of going in front of a Panel, But speaking out about Owen’s Needs, his abilities and what we want for Owen came easily. Think the meeting went well & was happy with my Input.
Final draft needs to be written up and approved. My preference of which school I would like him to attend was made, which will need to go before another panel and approved (or not) sometime in July.
Still can’t believe Owen & Florence will be starting Nursery this September. (Or just after for Owen depending on timescales of above)

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