New Year end of 2013 beginning 2014

We are now a few days into the new year and already my calender is filling up fast.

Firstly I want to wish every a very Happy New Year!!!!

Pictures of our New Years eve

I am not usually one for setting myself New Years resolutions although last year I did set myself one. It was too become a little more selfish.. remember I can say no.. and do not feel guilty about saying no.. you can’t keep everyone happy all the time.. put yourself and your family first.

I think I am on my way to achieving this.

In the same spirit I have been thinking of new ones I could set.

Maybe to accept help or feel less guilty about accepting help when offered.

I definitely need to find myself some “me time” or take up something I enjoy or even finding time to escape with a book.

On the same theme maybe finding time to spend with Alex on a (very) occasional date night .. any offers of babysitters?? (Also wld help achieve point one 😉

Im looking forward in a positive way to find more & more ways to help & support Owen to achieve even more of his milestones and inchstones. To look forward to all the suprises he will no doubt bring 🙂 my lil warrior! !!

I look forward to Florence continuing to flourish into a little girl and hope she maintains her fierce determination and independence.

Beth has a big year ahead. Last year in primary school with SATS on the way. Finding out what secondary school she will go to. Then starting that school in September.  Its a very scary time and I will continue to support her through the tantrums and tears as she muddles through tweenager years. I know my kind caring… cheeky and humouress girl will make me proud.

She is also the best big sister anyone could ever want xxx

Lilly will no doubt continue to relish school. My quirky funny happy girl will no doubt continue to get me in trouble with her out spokeness.

Then there is us… I think Me and Alex really really hope we can finally move into a bigger house this year. Our house is literally bursting at the seams.

What ever life brings this year.. we know that as a family we can deal with it.

We know this year will be full of tears and laughter.

Best wishes to you all.

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