A day of trains and Tests

Today Alex, myself and the twins took a train ride to London, As today was Owens appointment to attend the Eye Clinic at Great Ormond Street to have his Electrobe Diagnosis Eye Test.

We had a bit of a wait as the clinic was running over (aren’t they always) but a little over a hour after our appointment time we were seen by Consultant Mr Liasis and his team. Alex tried to keep Florence occupied as I sat in a chair holding Owen facing a plasma tv screen. Little electrobes were then fixed to different positions over his head and later also under his eyes. (The Electrobes are just like ones used for a ECG)

We were then played a childrens dvd.. this one was a Maktron Singing and signing dvd about the farm… Owen seem to enjoy it.

At various intervals the dvd was interrupted with different images and patterns… mainly black and white chequerboard flashing squares alternating with a grey background. The dvd was then breifly played back on the screen… this went on for a while.

Then a big light was repeatedly flashed close to Owens face covering his left and then his right eye.

While the test was going on Alex said from where he was seating he could see one of Mr Liasis team computer screen  which was showing lots and lots of graphs. She was also making notes as the test went on.. though Alex said all he could see was her writing mainly numbers. Alex also said a camera was fliming Owen as the test was in progress.

We haven’t got any results from today, As all the graphs and results need to be carefully anaysled. This can take days or weeks. The results will then be sent to Owens consultant at Watford General who will discuss and talk us through all the findings. Unfortunately this isn’t till March.

Strangly Owen seemed to enjoy the day out. He loved the train from Watford Junction to Euston. Owen seemed to get real excited as we went through a tunnel or as a train sped past our train.

Shaky blurred pic taken on a very wobbly train… as you can see the excitement was too much for Florence.

Owen even seem to mind the test Itself.. flirting with all the doctors.. showing off his gorgeous smile and his cheeky laugh.

After the test had finished we walked to Kings Cross Station  to feed the babies before we set off home. Owen seemed to relish the buzz of the station and was on top form.

Despite being rush hour the train journey was pretty easy as we got the fast train back. I even managed to get a seat, which was useful as Owen was qutie rightly fed up and needed a cuddle.

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